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Marketing Consulting

We help our clients' products or services express to be more sympathized with their customers in PC and mobile environments based on expression ideas and standard technologies. We suitably express regardless of size and budget like hundreds of million-won websites or million-won websites using WordPress.

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Fintech Consulting

We provide user security consulting for fintech that has been a major concern as financial industries expand to online services. We provide reliable fintech services based on mutual and context-based authentication that officially recognized by Fintech Innovation Awards 2016 for both services and users.

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IoT Consulting

We provide wired and wireless network consulting in partnership with telecommunication companies. We provide total network services such as IoT security/authentication services that appliances and users can authenticate each other on the network environment, and selection of optimized network products for cost reduction.

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Cloud Consulting

We provide cloud-based solutions consulting that are more secure and systematic work environment than traditional offices. When a cloud services considering employees' roles and responsibilities are integrated with smart devices for business, the work environments can be more secure and systematic.

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Security Consulting

We provide expert advice in security based on mutual authentication that protects users' private information in online services. We provide service and user authentication consulting services that manages and protects IDs and passwords in diverse online services.


eSTORM provides services, solutions and products that help people do right. We help people know the services are authentic before giving IDs and passwords. We have been preparing the solutions that prevent people from wasting their time online, and safely manage their IDs and passwords in one online environment.

About Us

eSTORM Develops Technologies Helping People Do Right.

We would like to help people do right with temperate thoughts and appropriate technologies rather than just following technical trends.

We do not change people's appearance at a great cost, and not develop mechanical technologies that automate people's decision.

We would like to develop technologies that help people not only actively decide and conduct but also build their stories and experiences. Besides, we would like to develop technologies that help people from all walks of life respect each other at their position, and harmonize each other with their differences.


We have been seeking who would like to help people happier with right technologies.

How to Apply

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Company Information

  • Representative Number : +82-2-6925-0290
  • Address: Namsung Plaza #1310, #1311 130
    Digital-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 08589


  • Media
  • Heejun Shin, Team Manager
  • Business & Technologies
  • BongHo Kang, Technical Director
  • IoT Convergence
  • Hyungseok Jang, Director


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